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Debbie Arnold

"Faith is one of those rare people that you instantly feel so safe and connected to. She guides you through sessions with a serene countenance that keeps you feeling at ease.  The time just flies by, and the insights gained have been invaluable."  


“Thank you so much for meeting with me today. You have a very special gift which enabled my to experience to go way, way smoother than I could ever have imagined. I’ve never talked openly with a ‘stranger’ before the way I could with you, and that’s because I knew from the start your intentions were true and unwavering: to help me with my journey. The entire process was a joy, and will undoubtedly kick start my non-analytical self.”



“Just wanted to let you know my son was born just as he showed me in dreams and just as he wanted to be. Two days before he was born I saw him in a dream and he told me he was ready. I thank you for your help during the pregnancy- you helped me give him the birth we both needed.”   



"I have had three sessions (PLR, LBL, and QC) with Faith, and all three have been amazing. Faith is an extraordinary facilitator. Certified and highly qualified, she has a game plan to follow, but is quite capable of abandoning the plan and moving in another direction if circumstances require her to. She has an intuitive capacity to ask the right question at the right time. This inevitably leads to a rich exploration of an important issue. While monitoring the discussion, Faith is also always sensitive to my emotional and physical well-being, and ready to address any needs I might have.


Best of all, Faith does this with a love that is so palpable it fills the room. I left each session with a more focused sense of purpose and direction for this life, and with the assurance that I am surrounded by support and love as I do so. And I walk with a deeper joy. Thank you, Soul World. Thank you, Faith."          


“ I want to thank you for sharing your talents with the world. I cannot begin to express how impactful the LBL session was and is for me. As much as I can communicate with the Spirit World and receive messages, I question, I scrutinize, and I hold many emotions at arm’s length. I listened to the cd of my session this morning and I hear myself holding back in the beginning. I hear myself trying to protect myself by not allowing the emotions to come through, but they burst through the dam. And I know as I listen that it was your sweet voice of encouragement and acceptance that allowed me to give myself permission to be free. You earned all of my trust. I want to thank you. I respect your talent and am grateful for it.”  



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