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Past Life Regression

Debbie Arnold

 “ The  soul  unfolds  itself,  like  a  lotus  of  countless  petals.”                                                                                                   -Kahlil Gibran                                                            

Wouldn’t you love to meet yourself in another place, another time, in another body?  Stepping into a past life is the first time many of us have the sense that we truly are an eternal being. You may find Past Life Regression is a perfect first step into your spiritual exploration. Clients find these journeys to be fascinating and extremely helpful in terms of their personal growth, because we often find our challenges pre-date the current life and lie buried in long forgotten past lives, just waiting to be released.


Many times we discover our past lives are shared with important people from our current life. That feeling of instant connection we’ve all experienced is the triggering of our soul memory of that person. Perhaps you and your old friend have spent countless lives together in different parts of the world, switching genders, and roles.


It is my belief the past lives featured in a session are chosen by our souls and our guides. Those who’ve known us forever know exactly what we need to see, feel, and experience. The past lives we visit always dovetail beautifully with our current life. PLR is an excellent way to see how patterns with self and others have played out differently through your soul’s history. And the therapeutic aspect of PLR is in the release of old patterns through awareness. This is beautifully designed so we have many opportunities to learn and grow through our artfully created past lives.


The initial PLR is a pre-requisite to having an LBL session to ensure the client is comfortable relaxing deeply while moving through time. 



Price: $175 for 2 hour PLR session.

Your session is recorded and sent to you via WeTransfer.

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