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Galactic Reunions

Debbie Arnold

“But don't be satisfied with poems and stories of how things have unfolded with others. Unfold your own myth, without complicated explanation, so everyone will understand the passage, We Have Opened You.”                                         -Rumi


I created the Galactic Reunion session after having my own experience reuniting with a closely connected group of beings I call my extended family. They live beyond Earth. This reunion has brought me a great deal of peace and joy on my Earth journey and I want to offer this experience to others who feel the call from beyond. We are definitely not alone. We are cherished and supported by friends across time and space in ways we're just beginning to realize. What a wonderful time it is to be alive!

Price: $175 for a 2 hour Galactic Reunions Session.

Your session is recorded and sent to you via WeTransfer.

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