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Debbie Arnold

 “When you're expansive, no matter what the weather,         you're in an open windy field with friends" -Rumi                                                          

Hypnotherapy is a fascinating therapy because it works with the subconscious level of the mind, where all memory is stored, to find the root cause of fears and other life issues to clear and release them. Often our challenging behaviors and thoughts come from events we can’t even remember with our conscious mind. I love Hypnotherapy because it’s quick, deep, and highly effective.


Hypnotherapy can literally go as far or as deep as you need to go to clear yourself of anything that holds you back. In the process, you regain your energy, creativity, spontaneity, and your truest self!


I use guided relaxation in the beginning of each session to bring my client to a deeply peaceful, open state where positive change happens. It feels so good to relax and open your mind to that natural state of calm where you can just turn off the world and enjoy your session.


I’m trained to work with clients of all ages and with any life challenge.


People often use Hypnotherapy to help them with fears and limitations, stress, anxiety, smoking cessation and weight loss.

Price: Initial session, $175 for general Hypnotherapy  

Smoking Cessation Package: $475 for 3 sessions

Weight Loss Package: $475 for 3 sessions

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