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 Life Between Lives

Debbie Arnold

“ Where  did  I  come  from,  and  what  am  I  supposed  to  be  doing? My  soul  is  from  elsewhere,  I’m  sure  of  that.”                                                                              -Rumi


As you enter the Soul World in your LBL, you move into a place of unconditional love, acceptance, radiant beauty, and boundless humor. It’s very much like going back home to that place you know in your heart is real, yet have simply forgotten how to get to.


In the LBL journey you reconnect with your Soul, Spirit Guide(s), Soul Group, and Council of Elders. You have the opportunity to ask your deepest questions and to hear from an expanded spiritual perspective the answers from those who’ve known and loved you for eternity. You may visit temples, healing centers, crystal caverns or any of a vast array of meaningful places. You discover your Soul name (and it’s meaning), your Soul colors, how much energy you brought into this life, and why you selected your body and family you were born into.


We learn so much about why we’re here on Earth and how we could better use the gifts and talents we possess. Wouldn’t it be great to learn what your specialty is as a Soul, so you’d understand why you’re particularly drawn to certain professions and callings, and learn to use them more skillfully?


Many of us wish to reconnect with loved ones who’ve departed Earth. Often times those beloved Souls are there waiting for us in the Soul World. Their deepest desire is to share their love, wisdom, messages and gifts. Imagine the deep sense of peace you feel when you realize those dear Souls are safe, thriving, and only a thought away.


Reuniting with your primary Guide is an incredible experience that stays with you forever. To experience the unconditional love they feel for you may bring tears of joy, as you realize you’re not alone and never have been. Our Guides are full of grace and humor, not to mention a wealth of information of your Soul’s history. They offer insight into your Soul’s progress and offer suggestions for greater Soul growth. They’re our best friends who are delighted to be acknowledged and invited back into your life. They exist to offer us love, support, and guidance and all we need do is ask…then listen.  


The LBL experience is a reunion of joy, peace, and a profound sense of homecoming. The Soul World is a place beyond words and the mind’s full understanding. Yet in your heart, you know this place beyond doubt. You know truth when you hear it, you know home when you’re there. Everything you experience in your LBL is symbolically meaningful for your current life and the energy from the time you spend in the Soul world will continue to integrate in the weeks and years following your session, making perfect sense to all parts of your being. 

Faith was trained in LBL by the Michael Newton Institute.

Price: $395 for an LBL session.

Your session is recorded and sent to you via WeTransfer.

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