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Quantum Consciousness

Debbie Arnold

“ But do your really mean, sir, that there could be other worlds

  all over the place, just round the corner like that?”

                             -C. S. Lewis The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The Quantum Consciousness experience is a session that blends quantum physics with spirituality. As you take this unique journey you move into different realms of consciousness and recieve wisdom or share healing with different aspects of your eternal self that come forward. 


The expanded realms of consciousness you may experience in your QC journey include:


Stored Consciousness- where lingering issues are remembered and released or wisdom is shared from your current life. 


Alternate Consciousness- where you meet and learn from the You who’s chosen to experience an alternate reality within the current life.


Parallel Consciousness- where you claim hidden wisdom from what has been known as a past life self.


Interdimensional Consciousness- where you experience and learn from finding yourself in another type of existence either in physical or energetic form.


Eternal Consciousness- where you expand further out to experience the purest eternal form of ourselves without limitation or boundaries…we remember and experience ourselves as the Universe and all there is…


…and then back to the forever changed Present Consciousness.


How wonderful it is to find our self at the center of our own ever-expanding Universe!


These QC sessions offer the traveller of expanded consciousness a brilliant remembering which is light, effortless; infinitely and personally profound.

Faith was trained by the Institute for Quantum Consciousness.

Price: $175 for a 2 hour QC Session.

Your session is recorded and sent to you via WeTransfer.

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